Square Head Punches

Square Head Punches

The piercing punch that has Square shaped head is called square head punch. We offer Square Punches/ Punch that are an offer in road types and have a shaped tip at one end. The other end has a blunt but that is struck by a hammer to put force on it during the pressing process. These are serving numerous applications in the engineering industries all over the world. We can customised the square size of Square Head Punches according to the customer requirement

Features of Square Head Punches:
• Highly efficient
• High tensile strength
• Seamless finishing
• Durable
• Sturdiness
• Anti-corrosive
• Durability
• Dimensional accuracy
• Ruggedness
• Rust resistance
• High hardness,
• high abrasion resistance
• Corrosion Resistance
• Fire Resistance
• Finely finished
• Precisely engineered
• Unmatched quality

Specifications of Square Head Punches


64+- 2 HRC


50, 70,80, 100 mm



Surface Finish

0.3 -.04 micron